05 January 2012

Moron Test - Game Popular Setanding dengan Angry Bird!

The Moron Test  is one of the most popular mobile games ever with millions of players worldwide. Play now and experience why The Moron Test is an App Store favorite!

The Moron Test - it's fun to FAIL!


- Simple, addicting gameplay
- Five sections featuring hundreds of fun puzzles
- Funny characters, sound effects, and music
- Global leaderboards and achievements
- You will LOVE watching your friends FAIL!

iPhone Screenshot 2

iPhone Screenshot 1

p/s :- Ahaks...!! Game nih memang best dan sangat teruja bila dimain!!


Emmet said...

wah, entry yang menarik, blog ni pun lawa, keep up the good work! :D

Fakhruddin Aziz said...

bestnya..yang PC xde ke?

Insert Disc said...

untuk smartphone touchscreen...!! Android n iOS :))

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